Rob Kerchner | The Biggest Vaccine Hits

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Remember these vaccine hits? They play best in succession: Donald Trump is behind the vaccine, so it’s bad. Now Joe Biden’s sort of president, so vaccines are good and will totally protect you. But we won’t ever, ever require them. Just kidding. We will. Vaccines are so good we are demanding that you take them. Your body, our choice. And natural immunity is not a thing. Getting well is meaningless for the first time in human history.

And side effects are not a thing, either. For the first time in history. See how this works?

But no one ever said vaccines will totally protect you, silly goose. At least not THIS vaccine. 

THIS vaccine only makes the disease you get less bad. Just like hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin and monoclonal antibodies and a ton of other things we consistently downplay, limit, ridicule and ignore.

How could you ever think the vaccine meant you couldn’t get it or spread it when we told you that?

Now, everyone must get the vaccine that fails to protect others in order to protect others. If you don’t, hospitals somewhere might someday face a shortage. So today we’re firing everyone who doesn’t submit, including doctors and nurses — and show me your papers or go to the back of the bus, because we’re on the side of compassion. And science!

Rob Kerchner 

Santa Clarita

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