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SCV Voices: Guest Commentary
SCV Voices: Guest Commentary
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It seems to me that a large proportion of American citizens want simple things. In the spirit of what we believe America to be, we want to be independent with the freedom to choose our vocations, our houses of worship, our medical care and be involved in our children’s school curriculum. 

We want our borders secure to preserve our promised sovereignty and we want to rely on police authorities for our safety and protection. 

In summary, we want our rights as set forth in the U. S. Constitution and all of its 27 amendments. The Constitution is the framework of the government and the amendments exist to limit the powers of the government.

The desired simplicity is moving and not in a good direction. Americans should not have to view our rights in a rear view mirror. We may want freedom and Independence but we are experiencing less of each.

We have been forced to live with a man-made virus unleashed on us by a foreign enemy that exists to rule the world. Bad actors within our borders were quickly able to exert harsh restrictions on our country in the name of “emergency,” restrictions that the policy-makers selectively enacted. Moreover, policies that these same rulers repeatedly do not follow. Edicts are only for the minions. 

Here’s where we say we want the rules and laws applied equally.

American workers chose to practice their professions while risking their own health for a year without antidotes. Many months later some culprits decided to force those same workers into an unemployed status for pushing back on not disclosing their personal medical information or choosing not to be injected with a concoction they do not want in their bodies.

The conspicuous conclusion is that the rulers do not care one iota about our individual health. It’s all about the control and compliance. It’s a pathology with them.

Christopher Cole, executive director of the Food and Drug Administration, stated in January that Joe Biden “wants everyone vaccinated.” The powerful drug companies want the same as vaccinations keep a revenue stream going for them. These same companies pay billions of dollars to the FDA. 

Yes, we get it; it could not be more clear.

Parents have been ignited with learning what’s occurring in our public schools. They are confronting proscribed curricula, mandated unhealthy masking of their children and abhorrent school board officials who colluded with the Department of Justice to specify objecting parents as “terrorists.” 

We’ve learned the National School Board Association directed the Centers for Disease Control to use specified language when reporting to the public about masking. Collusion anyone? A student can be tossed from a classroom for not wearing a mask but not for physically assaulting a teacher or another student.

Progressives and malcontents have succeeded with defunding the police along with erasing support for law enforcement. The movement has been aided by weak and cowardly politicians. 

Seattle, for one, reports a present need for 500 more police officers. Crimes are soaring to historical highs while progressive district attorneys release criminals like running water out if a faucet.

An outlaw who committed another crime last weekend on a New York subway had been arrested 45 times prior and was on parole. New York criminal Issac Rodriguez was arrested 57 times between January and October 2021. L.A. County District Attorney George Gascón barely slapped the wrist of James Tubbs, now identifying as Hannah Tubbs, in spite of a jailhouse recording, with his father, bragging and mocking the system. Tubbs is a non-repentant, depraved child molester who brutality victimized a 10-year-old girl with unspeakable acts. Punishment is expected to be serving a mere six months in a juvenile facility and not having to register as a sex offender.

Good citizens are not safe.

Our acutely porous southern border defies our sovereignty. That elusive sovereignty is compounded by the unimaginable amount of people and deadly drugs flooding across our border every day. The cartels are in charge.

The Department of Homeland Security is headed by an incompetent and ineffective bureaucrat named Alejandro Mayorkas. He’s visited the border a couple of times for photo ops but no positive actions have ensued. Confrontations by hard-working, overwhelmed, under-staffed border agents telling Mayorkas of the massive drug peddling and arrests of vicious gang members have not moved him.

To underline this administration’s malfeasance, DHS reported in January that nearly 154,000 migrant encounters were experienced by U.S. Border and Customs. In January 2021 the encounters were 78,414 and January 2020 reported 36,585. In January 2022 alone DHS reports that nearly 63,000 illegal migrants were released into the United States with only a notice to appear. History shows the number of this group actually showing up is minuscule.

Tom Homan, former acting director of U.S. Immigration and Customs, reported earlier this month that for fiscal year 2022 the CBP expects 2 million encounters with illegal migrants at the border. This count does not include the “getaways.”

The continuing over-stepping by this administration and the ongoing erasure of citizens’ rights along with lopsided applications of who has them should be of serious concern to everyone. 

Be watchful as we follow American truckers to Washington, D.C., for their peaceful protests of current government policies.

Betty Arenson is a Santa Clarita resident. “Right Here, Right Now” appears Saturdays and rotates among local Republicans.

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