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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

In “One Nutcase Away from Civil War,” Jan. 27, Gary Morrison claims, “Compared to previous presidents, Trump was a failure, unless you were a member of the top 10% of the citizenry.” Fact: All of that citizenry is not eligible to vote and out of the ones who did vote, 74,216,154 voted for Trump.

“We are one ‘nutcase’ away from a full-blown Civil War, complete with a conflict. Personally I don’t feel safe in Santa Clarita Valley anymore. If a shooting war breaks out, I fully expect to be killed by some of my more unhinged neighbors.” How insulting to our sheriff’s deputies who put their safety on the line every day for the residents of our city and the valley. Equally insulting to SCV residents, especially his neighbors. 

Has he reported any of these supposedly dangerous, gun-toting people to the sheriff? 

Lastly, anyone who is that deathly afraid in the fifth safest large city in California needs to move, ASAP! Relocation suggestions are Chicago, New York City, Philadelphia, Houston or St.Louis. Those are cities of thugs and heathens who are merely shooting police and babies.

Betty Arenson


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