Thomas Oatway | We Must Stand with Ukraine

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

I feel so angry at Vladimir Putin for the death and destruction he is imposing on Ukraine. Obviously, he has no soul and is evil incarnate. But what I cannot imagine is what this madman expects to benefit from destroying a neighbor nation and murdering its people. There will be no infrastructure, housing, agriculture, industry, nor any who will cooperate with Russia and its occupation.

It is our obligation as free people to stand with Ukraine in this fight. Not to battle Russia in a war that will do nothing but increase damage to Ukraine. It is clear we should eliminate any commerce with Russia, particularly in oil and gas purchases. The U.N. should immediately boot Russia out. Since they have invaded three other Eastern European countries without reason, they are not part of the community of nations that the U.N. was intended to be.

The contrast is stark between the struggle of Ukrainians for freedom, and the MAGA Republicans who use freedom as their excuse for nonsensical resistance to vaccines, masks and mandates. How selfish we have become.

Thomas Oatway


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