Mildred “Millie” Hubert | Abortion, Gun Control, Common Sense

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Letters to the Editor
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Abortion – Science tells us a baby is formed at conception. You know, when male and female humans (you and me) have unprotected sex and a male sperm inserts itself into a female egg, another human being, a baby, is formed. However, in our world today, many prefer to believe that this human being is nothing but a fetus, a mass of cells, not a God-given baby. But, come on, common sense tells us that a once there is a heartbeat, it’s definitely a live human being in that woman’s womb and to kill a human being is called murder (at least so far in our misguided selfish world). The fear is that abortion will be taken away completely even for compelling reasons and backroom abortions would again prevail. My opinion is that abortion should be between a woman, God and her doctor, not a political football. The percentage of compelling reasons and backroom abortions is minute compared to the thousands of abortions done today because to have a baby is inconvenient.

Gun Control – For one, it doesn’t work. Check with Chicago, which has the strictest gun control in the nation and the killings continue. Instead of trying to control all guns, how about just assault rifles? Common sense tells me these are not needed by the general public. How about the manufacturer selling them only to the military and law enforcement and registering them at the point of sale? Yes, I know, the bad guys will always find a way to get their hands on them, but let’s make it more difficult. The fear by gun owners is that once any guns are taken away from them eventually all guns will be taken away. That’s where the Second Amendment comes into play.

It’s time that our political leaders use common sense in protecting our children who are killed by abortion or gunfire. Abortion before a heartbeat and limiting the sale of assault rifles would be a small step (a very small step) in this direction. I call it common sense, but it’s also called compromise.

Mildred (Millie) Hubert

Santa Clarita 

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