Richard Myers | Don’t Fall for Gun Control Sham

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Here we go again. Our congressmen and women will be passing some weak gun safety measures and applauding themselves for working together. They are satisfied and expect the public to buy into their success.

 It’s a sham and we shouldn’t fall for it again. They do it time and again. Make no mistake: Banning assault weapons is what needs to be done. Anything less is just not enough. I repeat, anything less than banning assault weapons is just not enough. 

For too many years members of Congress have been more interested in keeping the National Rifle Association happy than in keeping the American public SAFE! 

Protests, rallies and marches are not enough. We have to figure out how to let Congress know that this time, if they do nothing, we will vote them out.

That seems to be their chief concern.

Richard Myers


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