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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

President Burgundy!

As many of you know from the movie “Anchorman,” the lead character got in trouble for reading exactly what was written on the teleprompter. Will Farrell’s representation of Ron Burgundy portrayed a buffoon who wasn’t smart enough to realize what was written on the teleprompter shouldn’t be said. He would read anything put in front of him, no matter what.

 Recently our own president had a Ron Burgundy moment when he read “end of quote” when “end of quote” simply meant that the quote he just gave was the actual end of the quote. He then compounded his ineptitude by reading “repeat the line,” which simply meant he should repeat the quote he just said. Naturally, the White House, in a sophomoric attempt to clean up after President Burgundy, changed the transcript to “let me repeat that line” but the video does not lie:

If this were a one-off or a rare example of him making a mistake, most people, including myself, would let it go. But in reviewing President Burgundy’s short tenure as president, it’s not if he’s going to stick his foot in his mouth, but when. Just today, July 11, he claimed the Parkland massacre happened in 1918. He has called Vice President Kamala Harris “president” a number of times. He has shown cue cards to the press where his caregivers tell him when to sit, how long to talk, when to leave, or who to call on for a question. He has mistaken Iran for Ukraine. He has had to be corrected by his peers on the world stage a number of times. He’s invoked NATO’s Article 5 when speaking of Taiwan. He’s said he is 58, instead of 79. The list of his gaffes is so endless that his caregivers are afraid of him talking and heavily restrict his opportunities to talk.

 President Burgundy’s approval rating is 38%. Only 18% of the country think we’re on the right track. This begs the question, who are these 18%? I think most of them reside in the leftist halls of The Signal’s comment section. CNN recently did a poll that said that even 51% of DEMOCRATS don’t want President Burgundy to run again. Perhaps they can get Vice President Word Salad to step up?

Brian Richards

Stevenson Ranch

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