Lois Eisenberg | Praise for the Jan. 6 Committee

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

In praise of the Jan. 6 committee, investigators, committee witnesses and all who participated in the workings of the Jan. 6 committee investigation.

Here are some of the takeaways of the Jan. 6 investigation by the committee:

• In a campaign to overthrow the election, Donald Trump was involved.

• Trump was told by his entourage of aides and appointees that he had lost the election, which was a free and fair election.

• In the wake of Jan. 6, the Republican entourage involved in the plot to overthrow the election results sought pardons.

• There were some vicious and overwhelming threats against election officials and their families.

• On Dec. 18, 2020, there was an explosive meeting in the White House.

• There was a tweet by Trump: “Big protest in DC 1/6, statistically impossible to have lost the 2020 election. Be there, will be wild.”

These happenings show how Trump is pushing for uncertainty in America, and how close American democracy came to a constitutional freefall.

Lois Eisenberg 

Santa Clarita

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