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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

I know, parents, you work hard, some of you two or three jobs. You have your kids in a government-run, public school. The kids come home and you ask them, “How was your day?” “Do you like your teacher?” “Do you have homework?” 

These are, in a perfect world, great questions. 

Unfortunately, our world is kinda screwed up right now. Slowly “screwing up” for many decades. 

But let’s just concentrate on the United States of America. More to the point, let’s concentrate on government-run schools in the Santa Clarita Valley in the state of California. 

Have you looked into what your kids are being taught in school? 

Meaning: Have you really looked into what your kids are being taught, seen and read the books, seen the videos being shown? You know, you have a right, as a parent, to see everything before it is presented to your children as “education.” You have a right to opt out and protect your children from (what) is being forced on them in the name of “education.” Most parents want their children to be taught the original “basics”: reading, writing, math, U.S. history. Schools have NO business teaching your child about sexuality. 

Licensed mental health counselor Ingrid Thrall wrote that young children’s exposure to sexual material at an inappropriate age causes very serious trauma in children. It can take years to unravel. She goes on to say protecting our children should be top priority. 

She explains that there is a name for exposing someone to sexual material without their consent and children qualify under this definition because they are not old enough and developed enough to legally consent. It is called audio/visual sexual abuse! 

Your child tells you he or she loves the teacher. The teacher is sooo nice, etc. 

You meet the teacher. You like the teacher and his or her personality is great and he or she seems so loving and caring that you feel comfortable while your child is at school being taught by this teacher and the others your child may be being taught by as the day goes on. 

Do NOT get me wrong. There are so many teachers out there who are being forced by their teachers’ unions to follow a curriculum they do not agree with. We have been working with many of them as to their alternatives. Many teachers are realizing that the teachers’ unions could care less about the well being of either the teachers or the students.  

My small group and now millions of those other, what our government leaders are trying so hard to label “domestic terrorists,” have been looking in to what is being taught in your schools by very sweet teachers for going on a couple of years now. We have been researching, going to school board meetings, going to City Council meetings and, basically, trying to help parents who don’t have time to do these things for one reason or another. 

What we have found is difficult for any of us to believe. Do any of you listen to any other than the mainstream news and read anything other than mainstream newspapers, listen to any radio news not mainstream? Maybe, just maybe, you need to give that some thought. 

Have you looked, at all thoroughly, at what your children are being exposed to at the libraries you once felt so comfortable taking them to, possibly even leaving them at, thinking, “What could go wrong?”

Suggestions: Check out curriculum thoroughly before school starts. Attend as many of your school’s board meetings as you can. Demand they continue to be livestreamed so you can ask questions and watch from home if you can’t make it to them in person. 

Get involved. Any amount of time you can spend doing this will be time well spent. 

Finally: Really look into the person you are voting for. Vote, in person, not by mail. Get involved as a citizen observer at the polls or drop boxes, if the darn   things are still approved in your area. States are starting to close them down. Smart states, that is. 

Diane Zimmerman 

Santa Clarita

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