Lois Eisenberg | A Letter from the Grandkids

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Hey Grandpa, what is happening with this difficult, perplexing, trying situation about these government documents that you took from the White House and brought them to your house? Grandpa, we understand that these documents are meant to be only available  to special government facilities not at your house.

Grandpa, the Department of Justice felt the same way as we understand it. A warrant was issued and carried out at your house to retrieve these documents, which again were taken by you from the White House to your house.

Grandpa, taking government documents from the White House to one’s house, regardless of whether the content is illegal or not, jeopardizes our home security and national security.

Grandpa, we understand you were issued a subpoena in the spring to relinquish these documents but you refused to do so, so the DOJ issued a warrant so these government documents could be put back to their rightful government facility.

Grandpa, we can’t imagine why you and your MAGA cult are so upset over why the DOJ wants to take back these documents that don’t belong to you.

Grandpa, you are continually and falsely calling all of your investigations and describing them as “witch hunt.” 

Grandpa, how come there are so many “witch hunt” investigations pending against you? Where do you get all those witches?

Grandpa, as we get older it is getting hard to believe that you are above the law, seeing that all these investigations keep piling up.

Grandpa, we are confused so can you please once and for all tell us the truth?

Grandpa, remember when you said you could shoot someone on Fifth Avenue and no one would care? But Grandpa that was not right, and it seems that people do care and you are not above the law. 

Lois Eisenberg 

Santa Clarita 

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