Rob Kerchner | Who Knew This Was a Dance?

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Behold, the 10-step, two-year two-step. Who’s still dancing? 

1. Just 15 days to slow the spread, people. Test and trace and the government will spend lots of money. Or would you rather kill Grandma?

2. Defund the police! Get in the streets, and put up that yard sign! Or are you racist?

3. Now get masked and vaxed. And then get boosted. We can put an end to COVID if we just work together, ignore and censor and fire the naysayers, and follow the science! Are you against science?

4. Open borders are humanitarian, don’t you know? Kids in cages! You’re not racist, right?

5. Close the pipelines, cancel the drilling and buy an electric car. Do you even care about the planet?

6. Jan. 6 was an insurrection. Our democracy under attack! Worst thing since the Civil War! Are you against democracy?

7. We needed to leave Afghanistan. Did you want to stay there forever?

8. Inflation is transitory. All the experts agree, and besides… it’s Vladimir Putin’s price hike! Are you for Putin?

9. There won’t be a recession… we are not in a recession… and the government will spend even more money. It’s needed to reduce inflation. Or don’t you believe in progress?

10. Vote Democrat this November, because…abortion! School shooting! Orange Man still bad! Or are you some mega super maxi MAGA loon?

Rob Kerchner


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