Ron Singerman | Thanks for Scully Tribute

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Re: Ms. Lois Eisenberg letter, Aug. 6, “A Treasure to Baseball.” Finally, finally, finally. A letter submitted by you in tribute to Vinny (Vin Scully) that I can agree on with you 100%. A long time in the coming. Hopefully sometime in the future you will submit another one that, if not 100% agreed upon, at least leaves some wiggle room open for discussion.

Yes, Vinnie was special. I admit personally that in much of the tribute to him I had a case of damp eye. I have five complete score books of Dodger games accumulated over the years. For every one, I scored with ear buds in so I could hear Vinnie describe what I was seeing. Thanks for the tribute.

Ron Singerman

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