Rob Kerchner | Why Biden Is in a Class by Himself

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

A year ago, 13 American service men and women were killed in a bombing in Afghanistan while guarding an airport. To the people who carried this out, President Joe Biden promised, “We will hunt you down. We will make you pay.”

So how did he make them pay? 

By giving their comrades $80 billion in top-grade military equipment and aircraft. 

Hate on Donald Trump all you want, but the last president didn’t get our servicemen killed, our enemies paid with our cash and armed with our weapons, our embassies evacuated in shame, and our allies invaded by Russia or falling from planes in Afghanistan. Trump didn’t curtail our energy, jack up our prices at the pump, inflate our costs at the store, or needlessly blow our debt to unconscionable levels while pretending he’s “fighting inflation”(!). Trump’s levels of crime and murder didn’t hit new record highs. His border wasn’t overrun and his economy wasn’t in recession. He didn’t browbeat and fire healthy, often immune Americans over a vaccine, and he didn’t trash the Constitution to “forgive” irresponsible college debt. Trump didn’t call Americans fascists and racists, as his party’s assassins literally target judges on the Supreme Court. Nor did Trump COVID-cheat his way into office from a basement with a censoring media and friendly governors ignoring election law. The FBI never had to hide Trump’s corruption with a son or his (showering) with a daughter. And speaking of the FBI, for all his bluster you’ll note that Trump never sicced them on Hillary Clinton, either. 

Joe Biden has done all this, and more. 

Indeed, our current president is truly in a class by himself.

Rob Kerchner


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