Brian Richards | Former Trump Supporter Has Had Enough

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Donald Trump needs to go!

I have been a huge supporter of Trump. I voted for him twice and I thought he did great things for this country with his policies. I overlooked his character flaws, his inflated ego, and his narcissism because his policies were so aligned with mine. He was a rare politician who made promises, then he actually kept them. I also overlooked some very dubious cabinet and inner-circle choices.

I admit that overlooking his many flaws has become exhausting but he has finally crossed the line with me because of his attacks on other Republicans. His endless attacks on Mitch McConnell are nothing but stupid. I’m no fan of McConnell, but he’s not the enemy, Democrats are the enemy! 

He recently turned his guns on Ron DeSantis, a politician who I and every Republican I’ve talked to, like! DeSantis just won his race by 20 points, but that apparently was a victory that Trump thought detracted from his own glory. 

Don’t you dare block the sun from shining on him. 

DeSantis has never said an ill word about Trump and he’s done an excellent job in Florida, as evidenced by his crushing victory of Charlie Crist. So for Trump, that means he has to bring him down a few pegs. Today he called Mitch McConnell’s wife, Elaine Chao, “Coco Chow.” 

What the hell is that about? 

As I said above, I’ve overlooked his stupid comments. I overlooked it when he made a racist comment about a judge of Mexican descent who was born in America. I overlooked it when he made his “s-hole” comment about some other countries. Even if it’s true, a president doesn’t say that! I overlooked his comment about Mexico sending us rapists. Even calling COVID the “Kung Flu,” which at the time I thought was kind of cute, now just seems to be stupid and racist.

I can no longer separate my appreciation of his policies from the man. 

Donald Trump is toxic to 60% of the country, in my opinion. That is a huge percentage of the people who I think wouldn’t vote for him for any reason. I now admit that I’m one of them and I’m not alone in my opinion among other Republicans I know and have talked to. 

If Trump gets the nomination he not only will be defeated, but also he will drag the down-ballot candidates with him to defeat. But for Trump, he would rather burn the party to the ground than to admit his time has passed. 

What must be done, and done soon, are some brave Republican leaders standing up and saying “enough is enough.” I’m under no illusion this will happen as politicians are generally not what I would call brave or bold. 

But if this doesn’t happen soon, he will destroy the Republican Party.

Brian Richards
Stevenson Ranch

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