Lois Eisenberg | Unions a Nightmare for Republicans

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

About 71% of Ameicans approve of unions, but they are a nightmare to the Republicans who want to de-unionize them. Working people have a “collective power” with unions, which scares the Republicans. The Republicans aggressively fight for not having labor unions, which have been driver of prosperity for the working class.

Decades ago, but not today, the rights and dignity of workers were advocated by the labor unions.

Labor unions are on the rise today in spite of the Republicans trying to weaken the unions and not giving workers more rights through laws such as the “right-to-work” laws. These laws weaken the unions and consequently weaken the workers’ rights.

The tragic thing is if the Republicans cared about “American Greatness” they would support unions.

The unions have a major job to combat inequality and “lift up the working class.” Unions will secure lives for all, make for a fairer economy and bring back America to its fullest potential.

Lois Eisenberg

Santa Clarita

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