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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

I get a smile out of reading some letters to the editor (March 23). 

Bob Comer thanked God (?) for the revelations” of two Fox reporters whom he sees as “fresh air” while I and others see them as malodorous. He coarsely attacks the so-called “mainstream” media without realizing that Fox News is the No. 1 mainstream media news station.

Ronald Perry criticizes our lawmakers by writing a local newspaper instead of the legislators about an issue that would take many years and billions of dollars to solve. 

Rob Kerchner jumps on the bandwagon about lost rainwater while making the unsubstantiated claim that someone is turning off the power and concludes “we” are like spoiled children.

Huh? Well, thanks for the smiles.

Patrick Comey

Santa Clarita

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