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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

In re: Arthur Saginian “Why Proposition 1 Was Different,” letters, Feb. 15.

Excuse me, Mr. Saginian, but all of the constitutions in this country from the national one to all the states are subject to be amended to add new things or to remove existing ones by the processes I laid out. That can easily be observed by the number of times it has taken place over the years in the country and the individual states. 

The current California Constitution was adopted in 1879 has been amended more than 517 times, so obviously the citizens and/or the Legislature haven’t found Mr. Saginian’s “cement” all that difficult to break when the need or their desire prompted them to do so. 

Is amending our Constitution easy? Of course not, nor should it be, but it’s obviously not impossible as Mr. Saginian’s use of the word “cement” would infer. That’s all I was attempting to point out and why Proposition 1 was not and is not any different from any other of the 517 amendments to the California Constitution. 

Rick Barker 


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