Diane Duarte Babko | Back Gun Control, Stand Up to NRA

Letters to the Editor
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On March 16, Rep. Mike Garcia posted that he had introduced a bill to make the murder of a law enforcement officer punishable by life in prison or the death penalty, yet he has refused to support laws supporting gun control, which would protect innocent children and adults, stating that the problem should be addressed by providing mental health support. He has offered thoughts and prayers after each mass shooting. He has offered thoughts and prayers because he is backed by the National Rifle Association. 

How can we stand behind a representative who will support severe punishment for the murder of a law enforcement officer, but who refuses to protect children? I have written to him time and again asking him to support gun control, and time and again he defers to people’s mental health. If people with mental health issues could not get AR-15s, they couldn’t enter classrooms and murder children, they couldn’t shoot groups of people randomly in theaters and shopping malls, they couldn’t ruin the lives of children and adults who have to live with the horror of a mass shooting in their memories.

Please consider doing something, anything, to support gun control, and consider supporting those who are willing to stand up to the NRA.

Diane Duarte Babko


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