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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Talk to any animal trainer and they will affirm that a major training tool they use is rewarding good behavior and punishing bad behavior. Sounds simple and practical but it would appear that a whole lot of otherwise intelligent human beings think that we human beings are somehow different from our fellow animals. 

Fact: When you reward or subsidize something you will get more of it every time, and when you reward homelessness by not only accepting it but also by paying people to be homeless, don’t be so surprised when the number of homeless people increases dramatically as it has in California and other states and areas that give money to homeless people who, despite what liberals would like us to believe, have a HUGE rate of drug and alcohol abuse among their numbers. 

Another FACT that liberals ignore all the time is what one would assume was pretty obvious to anyone with eyes , ears and functioning frontal lobes: When you give money to a substance abuser-addict, they don’t buy food, they don’t rent a room, they buy more of the substances they are abusing!

Rick Barker 


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