Thomas Oatway | The Fascist-Autocratic Playbook

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Can you remember when freedom was an unassailable American value? And autocracy was something that only affected Russians and Chinese communists? Remember when Ronald Reagan shouted “tear down that wall” in East Berlin? Freedom was valued.

It is obvious that one political party is busy practicing the fascist-autocratic playbook. First voting rights were under attack after an election did not go the way some wanted. Then a 50-year right to reproductive freedom was erased by a religious conservative-dominated Supreme Court. 

Now we are seeing states writing laws to ban certain books, dominate educational freedoms in colleges and universities, and mandate that “drag shows” be outlawed. One state is going after trans youths who seek gender change medical care. A federal judge in Texas is poised to declare an absolutely safe abortion drug to be “unsafe.” This will take away the right to safe medicinal abortions in EVERY state, not just Texas.

It is hard to believe that these assaults on individual freedoms will be tolerated in a democratic society that was originally established to reject bureaucratic domination. Wake up, people. Your freedoms are under attack. We have to rid ourselves of this menace.

Thomas Oatway


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