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Letters to the Editor
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Clarence Thomas not being so supreme as a justice on the Supreme Court amounts to mistrust, unethical and corrupt behavior by a Supreme Court justice.

It seems that we have a not-so-Supreme Court Justice.

Thomas for years claimed income from a defunct real estate firm, which is one of the many of his corrupt unethical transactions.

Records show (ProPublic reported) that Thomas for years enjoyed vacations by being indulged by  the Republican mega-donor Harlan Crow.

I won’t go over all the unethical transactions that Thomas has done. I will leave that to the readers to see for themselves the unethical and corrupt conduct by Thomas.

There were numerous unethical transitions that were never reported by Thomas for obvious reasons, which boils down to the “almighty dollar.”

Thomas shows no shame, because he has none, and he has a chip on his shoulder, which has been obvious for many years, and he is giving the impression that he doesn’t understand the law.

Besides not having shame he has had a resentment over a contentious Senate confirmation when he was credibly accused of sexual harassment.

There was another Supreme Court justice, Abe Fortas in 1969, who got caught with his hand in the “money jar” who said he would resign because of the “court’s reputation and the negative effectiveness” it would have on others, and so, doing the right thing, Justice Forbes resigned.

Thomas is too selfish to help restore the Supreme Court’s credibility by resigning.

Thomas has shown poor judgment in these matters, causing such a threat to our democracy that it seems almost impossible not to have Thomas depart from the Supreme Court.

I wrote a letter to the editor of The Signal, “High Court Has Lost Its Luster,” dated Oct. 20, 2022, and the court definitely has lost its luster in having an overtly unethical, corrupt, selfish “not-so-Supreme Court Justice” on the Supreme Court.

Lois Eisenberg

Santa Clarita

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