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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

I’m a student at a local junior high school. I’ve noticed that parents have to drop off their kids instead of putting them on a bus and just going to work. 

As a newer resident of Santa Clarita I was confused: Every town I’ve lived in so far has had school buses and barely any traffic. Meanwhile, my school drop-off line is backed up around two corners and takes 30 minutes to get through. 

The city does offer city buses at the expense of riding with adults and strangers. But those aren’t quite safe compared to school buses.  

A lot of kids in my school say that their parents are late because of the lack of school buses. Even my mom has been late due to this. As a new resident, I wonder why the state with the No. 1 economy in the U.S can’t afford school buses? 

School buses would also be better for the environment. One big bus with 70-90 kids compared to 70 cars with one to two kids — which releases more carbon? 

It isn’t that big of an issue but it would be better for traffic and the environment. 

Adam King  

Canyon Country

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