Debra Enbody | The Decline of Stevenson Ranch

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Hello neighbors: I am writing to all of you sharing that I have had enough watching the decline of our neighborhood over the last two years. I need your support with the Stevenson Ranch Community Association.  

I am sending this to make our association aware of these problems and show the support that they are prevalent and need to be corrected. It is obvious that our required community-paid services such as landscaping are not complying with our (covenants, conditions and restrictions) to keep our community prestigious. The gutters running down Carroll Lane, Faulkner and Clifton Place are in a terrible state with mosquitos, flies and black mold. The street cleaners are supposed to come weekly and have not been present for over one year. As a registered public health nurse, I want to make you aware these are the causes for severe illnesses to our vulnerable populations of aging adults, children and pets. 

The trees and hills on Carroll Lane, Faulkner and Clifton Place are not being maintained and are creating dangerous risks for fires. The weeds are so thick that rats, snakes, gophers and other rabid-producing varmints are prevalent and make it unsafe to have our children and dogs walk and or play in our once-beautiful Stevenson Ranch community. Neighbors who walk with assistive devices are afraid of falling due to the overgrowth on the sidewalks. I was informed that the reasoning behind no landscaping for over the last month is because the Stevenson Ranch Community Association is still in process of hiring a new company. I have lived in Stevenson Ranch since 1997 and moved here because of the high standards for our community and am so concerned with the decline noted here for the last two years.   

Debra Enbody   

Stevenson Ranch

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