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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

I miss the buffalo. 

They always seemed so gentle. Sometimes they would roll around in the dirt, kicking up a dust cloud at Hart Park in the dry 100-degree heat. 

Buffalo still live in the Santa Clarita Valley, and before the SCV Senior Center situated in Newhall’s Hart Park moved to its new location in the central city, almost every day one could see them if you parked in the back lot. 

The city of Santa Clarita has decided to take over the reins of Hart Park from Los Angeles County. It would be historic, as now our city would have control over the entire Newhall area. 

Ever been to Hart Park? It is at the distant edge of Main Street, and will serve to enhance the community with not only the William S. Hart Mansion and Museum, but also the “barnyard” and Heritage Junction, including the old and transplanted Saugus Train Depot. 

Since we are talking history, those reading this might want to point out that Dr. Dorio doesn’t know the difference between a buffalo and a bison, as the latter is really found at Hart Park. In my mind, they are forever buffalo and I prefer not to get into a DNA debate! 

Even more interesting, several decades ago, the county was planning a dump site in nearby Elsmere Canyon on the far end of Newhall Avenue beyond Highway 14. It would have polluted our air and congested roads with trash trucks.  

Instead, it was blocked by valiant activists keeping this area pristine. Ironically, two of those activists presently sit on the City Council, Marsha McLean and Laurene Weste, who recently participated in making plans for the city to acquire Hart Park. Elsmere Canyon is now filled with hiking trails, so one can literally say what goes around, comes around.  

I’m sure some of the buffalo I saw in the past at Hart Park are now seniors. Every now and then I reminisce about watching them roll in the dirt and kick up a dust cloud. Maybe sometime the buffalo can come over to the new Senior Center and roll around in the dirt with us. Bison.

Dr. Gene Dorio


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