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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

I find Mr. Rob Kerchner’s letter (June 23), which is an attempt to defend the indefensible (Jan. 6), offensive and ill-informed. I don’t even know that (letters) should share opinions that are so completely the polar opposite of reality. 

He justifies an insurrection because of why? “Thwarting election law.” Who thwarted election law? Does Mr. Kerchner feel that he’s defending democracy by disregarding our democracy’s very judicial system’s findings? That makes sense! The only person who attempted time and again to thwart election law was the former president. 

Yes, some election laws were modified during the pandemic, if in fact that’s what he is alluding to. That was done to make sure that our country’s citizens could cast their vote during those troubling times. There was no meaningful election fraud. It’s just unclear exactly which court is it that Mr. Kerchner needs to hear that from? I’m curious. And don’t even get me started on censoring news. I can only imagine what his “go to” source for news is!  

Michael Gertler 


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