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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor
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Recently, the topic of California’s deficit has been brought up as an inflammatory, allergic irritation to certain members of the local conservative cabal/tribal council (letters, Ron Perry, Aug. 10).

Government bureau policy is notoriously uncontrollable by the individual, so such irritation is a self-inflicted condition brought about by a failure to recognize what is under one’s control and what is not. As a potential salve to the dermatitis, I suggest that anyone suffering from the itchy malady put your money where your mouth is by exercising something that IS under your control in our capitalist economy. If you really believe there is folly and/or danger ahead for California’s finance or fiscal position, you can execute a short position on a California bond ETF. It is a way to collect on your wisdom and earn some bragging rights for your keen insight into the intractability of California finance. A good $50,000-$100,000 bet should pay off handsomely if you are right. Or you could lose that (and more) if you are wrong.

Christopher Lucero


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