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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

On Aug. 24, 2023, I went to the Valencia Apple Store to purchase a MacBook Air laptop for grad school. I spent $1,700 and I was so excited to have a new laptop and start school again. After the purchase I went to have dinner with my family. 

Then, I drove to (a store) on McBean and Magic Mountain Parkway to purchase school supplies and my laptop was in my Sienna minivan, hidden. When I returned to my vehicle, I saw my worst nightmare, that my vehicle’s window was shattered. 

The only thing was missing was my laptop. I didn’t have it more than two hours and it was gone. I filed a police report and informed (store) security. I just have take it as a loss. I felt like I was followed from the mall. (Store) security said this has happened before. 

There’s something that has to be done to stop this from happening in our community. What would have happened if they followed me home? We have to do something to warning our community that this is happening. 

We have to take our community back. 

Du Vo

Santa Clarita

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