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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Reading today’s opinion page (Sept. 6) I am struck by the defensiveness of the writers. Gary Horton, Lois Eisenberg, Thomas Oatway, it’s not your liberalism that is so off-putting. A robust discussion of differing viewpoints is a necessity in a healthy democracy. What is so off-putting is your tribalism. You demonize those you disagree with and give a complete pass to those you agree with. 

Many of your criticisms of Donald Trump are well-founded. Yet, I have never seen a single criticism of the left side of the spectrum from any of you. And there is plenty to criticize. You can’t seem to either see or acknowledge the good things from the other side. (You may as well save your breath from the inevitable “there is no good from the other side” response. I’ll just assume you’ve said it and we can move on from there.) 

Perhaps, if there was some shred of evidence that you held the politicians on your side of our great divide to the same standards you hold the other side, you wouldn’t be dismissed as propagandists for your “team.” When you ignore the truly reprehensible deeds of your “team” it kills your credibility. 

Gary, you have written some truly beautiful columns that thoroughly moved me. The first time I see the word “Trump” or “MAGA” in your column, however, I stop reading. Why should I read the same vitriolic column I’ve read dozens of times before? 

Lois, I wish you would step back and write a letter about anything but Mr. Trump and the MAGA Republicans. By now, you aren’t going to change anyone’s mind and I think you know it. We all already know how you feel. I think you should evict Mr. Trump from your mind because he takes up entirely too much real estate there. What other things could you write about? I would gladly read any of your letters dealing with any other subject, even if I disagreed. 

Thomas, I would love to see a letter from you regarding your response to the current administration’s corruption issues. How about your opinion of George Gascón? What’s your opinion of how one-party rule is working out in California? Any changes you would like to see in the Gavin Newsom administration? 

I’m no more thrilled with Republican tribalism, but this letter is already too long and all three of you were in today’s Signal.  

Michael Sandeen

Canyon Country

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