Dr. Gene Dorio | Homelessness Continues to Rise

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Thank you to Jonathan Kraut for his revealing Nov. 28 column, “Real Homeless Solutions Not Sought.” Indeed, despite politicians touting they are effectively housing those who are homeless, the number coming into homelessness continues to rise. Getting into the weeds of the statistics alluded to by Jonathan Kraut, the number of homeless in the age group 55 and older increased 16%, while for veterans the number increased 25%!

Political policies can improve these numbers, but adverse governmental decisions can make it worse, ultimately costing taxpayers more money. Cutting Social Security, Medicare, or veteran benefits will definitely have an adverse effect on older adults and those who served, putting some of them on the street. We as citizens already have the ability to impact homelessness, but without public oversight of political leaders, adverse policy decisions resulting in program cuts could exacerbate the worsening homeless crisis.

Dr. Gene Dorio


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