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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

In her letter (Oct. 29), Lois Eisenberg speaks of the appalling and barbaric atrocities committed by Hamas and of some people praising these inhuman killers. I completely agree with her sentiments. 

But I think Lois should reflect on her positions. A few short years ago, the Middle East was quiet. Iran had been stripped of much of its wealth and was severely curtailed in its ability to export its terrorist poison to proxies like Hamas and Hezbollah. Chief terrorist planner, Qasem Soleimani, had been sent to his reward and the ISIS caliphate had been wiped out in four weeks. In addition, peace seemed to be breaking out all over with the signing of the Abraham Accords, and no wars anywhere. The U.S. Embassy had been reestablished in Jerusalem. 

All of that happened, however, under the leadership of President Donald John Trump — a man who Lois Eisenberg declares she hates (Aug. 18). 

Then, in 2020, Joe Biden, a man whom Lois admires and supports, was elected, under arguably suspicious circumstances. To man his administration, Joe selected many Barack Obama leftovers. Remember that these are the same geniuses who gave us, for example, Benghazi, the rise of ISIS, and Iran on a path to a nuclear weapon. True to form, they started Biden’s administration off with the disaster in Afghanistan, followed with war in Ukraine, and lately gave us Oct. 7 in Israel, which is a direct result of the policies on energy and the treatment of Iran. Now, because of their policies, the Abraham Accords, which had offered, for the first time in several generations, a real hope for peace in the Middle East, are in danger of being dismantled.  

On the homefront, we are witnessing demonstrations all over the country — not in protest of the horrors perpetrated on Jews by Hamas, but instead in support of the sadistic murderers, one professor even describing his feeling of “exhilaration” at what had been done. Lois might take note that she would not find among the Palestinian flag-waving mobs and rioters any Trump/MAGA supporters, “Christian nationalists,” or unwashed “rednecks.” Those groups, which Lois dislikes, are as appalled by Oct. 7 as she. 

Instead, she would find the rioters led by (usually paid) agitators and comprised of misguided but none-the-less violent students, Black Lives Matter, Antifa, and LGBTQ activists, and left-wing academics, many of whom receive financial backing from well-established Islamist groups in this country. 

On Nov. 1, with Jews hiding in their homes and in libraries on campus, with Jews on the streets, in airports, or elsewhere in public afraid of being attacked, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris proudly announced a new program. To fight antisemitism, you might think. Of course not. The new program is to fight Islamophobia. Truth, indeed, is stranger than fiction. But Lois Eisenberg should remember that this is her “team” in action showing their true colors. 

Considering the above, Lois Eisenberg might do well to reexamine her long-held beliefs and her logic. Her type of continuing hatred for Trump and MAGA might have tragic consequences for Israel. And that is not to mention the damage in store for this country as thousands of jihadists pour through our border courtesy of Joe Biden. 

Maybe she could find a better “team.”   

John Weaver


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