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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

I keep having this recurring nightmare of who will be in the Donald Trump cabinet if he wins the presidency again. Here are my top candidates/worries:

• Chief of Staff: Marjorie Taylor Green; works well with others. Secretary of State: Jared Kushner; also ambassador to Saudi Arabia.

• Department of Justice: Rudy Giuiliani; (after conviction and pardon).

• U.N. Representative: Donald Trump Jr.; the Trump Corp. is no more.

• Ambassador to Russia: Paul Manafort; obvious choice.

• Secretary of Defense: Michael Flynn; also obvious.

• Secretary of Labor: Lauren Boebert; had six kids, an expert on labor.

• Secretary of Commerce: Ivanka Trump; wants to sell stuff to China.

• Secretary of Treasury: Bernie Madoff (after pardon).

Secretary of Homeland Security: Ted Cruz; also ambassador to Cancun, Mexico.

• Surgeon General: Robert F. Kennedy Jr.; also Centers for Disease Control, Food and Drug Administration head.

• Secretary of Energy: Former head of Enron … I forget his name. Is he dead?

• Secretary of Agriculture: Kevin McCarthy; he is a Bakersfield farm boy, right?

• Vice President: Matt Gaetz; Can’t do any damage here.

I am still looking for a job for Jim Jordan. Suggestions welcomed. I am thinking the Commissioner of the World Wrestling Federation might work out.

Thomas Oatway


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