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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

“Say what?” L.A. Police Chief Michel Moore is retiring. I will not go in to why I feel that may be a blessing to the men and women in the Los Angeles Police Department. It is his successor and how he or she will be chosen that is of great interest to me. 

I have heard that we are promised there will be a search throughout the country to find a new chief worthy of the position. Say WHAT? 

I was listening to talk radio on my way home from Orange County. Ken, the host, was talking about the resignation of Police Chief Moore. He was suggesting something very “common sense,” in my opinion. Why would we go to the expense of advertising for a new police chief all over the country? Then he brought up one, in his opinion, fabulous candidate, right from within the ranks of  LAPD: Deputy Chief Alan Hamilton.  

Ken had been following Hamilton for a long time, and listed several of his achievements during his many years with the force. I could not remember all of the things he mentioned when I got home. I decided to look him up myself. I am so stoked at the thought that this man could become L.A.’s new chief of police. Actually, I agree with Ken. We need look no further. Ken actually said that there were many well qualified candidates within our own, local, police force. Why in the world would we want someone not born and raised in California or at least a resident for many, many years? 

Here is a short list of Alan Hamilton’s qualifications from the LAPD website: www.lapdonline.org/command-staff/hamilton-alan.

“Deputy Chief Alan Hamilton was born in Los Angeles, California. He has attended several colleges and universities and has a bachelor of science in criminal justice management. He worked as an officer in patrol, Special Enforcement Group, CRASH, Vice, Prostitution Enforcement Detail, field training officer and Burglary Auto Theft Division. As a detective, he worked in Major Assault Crimes, CRASH, Homicide, Property Crimes Detail Coordinator and Auto Crimes Table Coordinator.” 

I highly recommend you all go on this site and read more — way too much for a single “Signal” letter. 

Here’s another idea: In the interest of equality (Notice I am not using the word “equity.” That would only work in a communist  country.), how about we remove the ethnicity and picture requirements from every application for any job anywhere? 

That way we could hire a person who actually qualifies for the position without showing prejudice toward any individual for his or her ethnicity or looks. Of course the application would still require an answer as to whether the applicant is male or female. Believe it or not there ARE positions not suited for one or the other.  

Diane Zimmerman                                             

Santa Clarita 

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