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Letters to the Editor
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According to The Signal’s resident virtue signaler, Gary Horton (Jan. 3), liberals and Democrats have a corner on compassion, caring and love for all, no matter where they come from or how they got here. The MAGA/Deplorable crowd doesn’t need you to remind us the nature of our country is being changed by our porous border. 

We are not the xenophobic haters you claim us to be. We just favor common-sense, legal, sane immigration. Yes, we are aware almost of us are descendants of immigrants. And no, we don’t need you to quote Emma Lazarus to pull on our heartstrings. Immigration in the 19th century, when many of our ancestors arrived in the Land of Plenty, was legal immigration. It was a different world. Most immigrants made the journey on a slow-moving boat. The world population was much smaller. In 1880 the U.S. population was 50 million. Now it is 332 million. In 1880 Mexico’s population was 10.5 million. Now it is 130 million. Emma Lazarus didn’t see that coming. 

Now people from all over can hop on a plane, fly to Mexico, pay off a member of a cartel, and be bused to a city of their choice, after a brief stop at the border to receive a 2031 date for an immigration hearing. Few if any of these “huddled masses yearning to breathe free” are here legally.  

In Horton’s compassionate, liberal world, all Democrats in Valencia will welcome an immigrant family into their HOA-guarded homes. They will all gladly build ADUs in their back yards to house more immigrant families. Valencia will become a sanctuary city. How is that working for New York and Chicago? 

The brilliant British comedian, Romesh Ranganathan, recently had a series on PBS (love the programming, hate the politics) entitled “The Misadventures of Romesh Ranganathan.” Romesh traveled to countries the average traveler would never consider traveling to. His guide in each would try the best he could to paint that country in a positive light. Most of the time that was difficult. How do you put a positive spin on Haiti? Even Romesh and PBS couldn’t. The standard of living in every country he visited was far below that of the U.S. Do you think every one of Haiti’s 11.4 million residents, Sierra Leone’s 8.4 million and Ethiopia’s 120.3 million would jump at the chance to be one of Gary’s “wretched refuse”? You bet they would. 

Larry Moore


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