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Letters to the Editor
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I would point out to Mr. Thomas Oatway in regards to his ridiculous “opinion” (letters, March 14) stating that Rep. Mike Garcia is unpatriotic — his words — that opinions are like a certain body orifice in that we all have one and most of them stink! 

I would also point out that Rep. Garcia actually put his life on the line fighting for his country as did the over 250 local veterans listed on his campaign website in the “Veterans Supporting Mike” section. I am very honored to be among those brave men and women who chose to not just talk about patriotism and love of our country but also stepped up to serve it in uniform. 

Would Mr. Oatway care to give us any instances where he has chosen to place the lives and safety of others above his own? 

If you are not a supporter of Mike Garcia, so be it. Mike fought and risked his life for you to have that right, but to question his patriotism because he doesn’t happen to share your far-left-wing politics is absolutely absurd. 

Rick Barker 


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