Bll Stires | Why Are They Pumping Water?

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Could someone please explain why in Canyon Country, near Discovery Park, that a pump station in the river is pumping thousands of gallons of water back into the river. It’s been going on for weeks. Is it ground/well water or domestic? Maybe the city, Santa  Clarita Valley Water Agency or The Signal could shed some light on the operation. Just wondering. 

Bill Stires

Canyon Country

Editor’s note: We checked, and here’s what’s going on there: According to the city of Santa Clarita, the neighborhood surrounding Discovery Park is prone to high groundwater issues, which led the city to install two pumps using grant money from the Federal Emergency Management Agency in the 1990s. The pumps have not been needed much since they were installed, but with near-historic rain levels over the past couple of years, the pumps were activated and will remain active until it is determined that the groundwater levels are returned to a safe level.

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