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Wolfs Head Bay cover.

Wolf’s Head Bay Book II: The Race for Home by Jeffery Allen Boyd 

“Auction?” Richard repeated incredulously. “You mean a—an actual modern-day slave auction—in this country?” 

The frightened yet determined group of teens led by Jeremy make a harrowing escape by helicopter, taking with them incriminating evidence exposing both the Colonel and the human trafficking global Network. With Jeremy at the controls, they are pursued by the black Scorpion. Owing to his limited piloting skills they are quickly forced down into the remote northern Michigan wilderness. 

In Book II, the group is alone and isolated. Unable to communicate with the outside world and on the run not only from Spear, the lethal enforcer within the trafficking Network and the Colonel’s trained assassin, but also from deadly government operatives, what will save them? Jeremy’s resourcefulness and dogged determination, or younger brother Travis’ faith . . . and will it be enough? Purchase at

Human Justice by Human and the Lights 

Human Justice by Human and the Lights 

Human Justice is the true story of a human rights lawyer’s last trial in a 15-year career spent helping humans living on the margins enforce civil rights and anti-discrimination laws. 

Corporate values, which are only about money and nothing else, played out to their logical extreme in the trial, signaling that corporatism is incompatible with a sustainable future for our species and planet. 

The harmonic divide reverberating in society is less about blue values versus red values, and more about human values versus corporate values. Human values must always trump corporate values. If we lead with our hearts and behave as if what’s good for our neighbor is good for us, it would be the greatest evolutionary leap in human history. If humanity, rejected corporate values and went with human values, then money, competition, and war would all disappear. Purchase at

The New Testament, Second Edition: A 21st Century Translation by Michael Straus 

A translation that brings some fresh turns of phrase to the New Testament’s varied texts. Not designed to supplant prior translations but to shed light on obscure passages; capture the humanity of Jesus’ personality as presented in the Gospels; intelligibly convey doctrine and experience as related in Acts and the Epistles; and reflect the atemporal nature of the Book of Revelation. 

The translation seeks to be at once enjoyable, novelistic and at times poetic, avoiding the overly literal, freely adopting the colloquial, and taking grammatical license where the writer employed imagery not subject to standard linguistic limitations. 

As a whole it approaches Scripture as the viva vox evangelii, with ongoing linguistic presence through credal, liturgical, sermonic and other forms of expression. 

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