Local resident publishes book, ‘Dysfunctional Organizations’ 

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David Van Fleet, professor emeritus at Arizona State University and a Santa Clarita resident, has authored a new book, “Dysfunctional Organizations.” 

“Dysfunctional organizations exist as a result of the behavior of individuals in those organizations as well as the culture permeated by that behavior,” said a news release from the author. :The behavior leading to the dysfunction comes in several forms and goes by many names – bullying, harassment (verbal, racial, sexual, sexual orientation, gender, religious, physical, ability-based, age-based), abuse, blaming, criticism, gaslighting, judging, name-calling, threatening, lying, retaliation, mobbing, and more. Almost a third of adult Americans indicate that they have directly experienced some form of such behavior while at work.” 

Van Fleet examines those facets while offering methods to address and mitigate the dysfunction.  

“In this book, Dr. Van Fleet brings together his extensive scholarly knowledge and his critical insights to address a challenge of increasing importance facing both business and nonprofit organizations across Western democracies,” Ernie Stark, former editor of the Journal of Behavioral and Applied Management, said in the release. 

The author has over 50 years in the practice, teaching and research of management and organizations, the release said. He taught human relations management, leadership, organizational behavior and management. He draws upon this career to provide examples, analyses and recommendations for dealing with dysfunctional organizations.  

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