Michael Reagan | ‘The View’ Hosts Are for Trump?


Who do the liberal ladies of “The View” think they’re kidding?

This week Joy Behar and her ragged troop of pretend political pundits were again acting terrified by the specter of Donald Trump – aka, Adolf Hitler 2.0 – returning to power this fall.

Behar, who used to be a comedian, was as serious as an insurrection.

She and her Tuesday show’s special guest, none other than MSNBC’s insufferable St. Rachel Maddow, worried that if Trump is elected again he would take revenge on them and take their shows off the air.

Or sic the IRS on them. Or worse. Make them watch “Hannity” every night.

Maddow, who has done more to degrade the value of a Rhodes scholarship to Oxford than any American since Bill Clinton, really let her sloppy journalism hang out when she made up this quote from Trump.

She said, “I think it’s bad to have somebody saying, ‘Give me as much power as you can in this country so I can use it to go after other Americans, so I can use it to go after these subhuman internal enemies and I will destroy them.’

“That’s just not a good system for anybody, and I don’t think anybody is safe if that’s the sort of basis on which he wants to get more power.”

Maddow, Behar and the other victims of Trump derangement syndrome in charge of the liberal media sphere constantly slime Trump as a wannabe dictator.

Too blind to see that Biden has actually been doing all the tyrannical things she imagines Trump will do, Maddow recently said to CNN’s Oliver Darcy that she was worried Trump would send people like her to “a massive” camp.

You wish, Rachel. So do the suits at MSNBC.

I’ve come to the conclusion that Maddow and fake journalists like her are secretly praying for a return to power of Donald Trump.

I think she secretly hopes he will do the same banana-republic-type things Democrat presidents like to do, whether it’s using the IRS, the FBI and the CIA as political weapons or finding new ways to put their Republican opponents in jail.

Even Maddow and Behar have come to realize by now that the more the Biden administration and the liberal media go after Trump in underhanded and partisan ways, the higher his polls go.

Trump has been charged with crimes invented by corrupt local Democrat district attorneys and judges who’ve dragged him into kangaroo courts, slapped him with gag orders, forced him to post a $175 million bail and convicted him of three dozen low-level felonies.

But he hasn’t been hurt with voters. In fact, it’s the reverse.

The more Trump’s political enemies go after him, the more they try to prevent him even from campaigning, the more popular he’s gotten with his MAGA base, independents and minorities.

Maddow, Behar and their ilk on MSNBC and CNN desperately need Trump to be elected. They know the future of their shows is threatened far more by the decline of their ratings than four more years of President Trump.

To survive, they need to become victims of Trump – to become political martyrs. They yearn for it. They want mugshots of their own. Their careers and their wallets depend on it.

In fact, I bet Maddow has already started daydreaming about doing her show from inside an American gulag while her distraught fans protest at the gate in their “Free Rachel” T-shirts.

Michael Reagan, the son of President Ronald Reagan, is an author, speaker and president of the Reagan Legacy Foundation. His column is distributed exclusively by Cagle Cartoons newspaper syndicate.

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