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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

In a recent exhibition of “economic wisdom,” our beloved “fiscally conservative” City Council, led by financial guru City Manager Ken Striplin, demonstrated its commitment to the art of financial juggling. Despite a tight budget, the city gave the Senior Center an additional $50,000 on June 25. This act is like throwing a lifeline to a sinking ship, especially given that the Meals on Wheels program, which provides hot meals to seniors, is being (capped at 500 seniors per day) due to a minuscule $5 million budget cut.

But the plot thickens. On July 9, Mr. Striplin, our city’s money maestro, (was scheduled to) unveil his pièce de résistance: a proposal to invest $1.7 million in the “River of Lights” project. Alternatively, if frugality prevails, we may witness the birth of a new public art piece, “When Cloud Met a Cloud,” and the transformation of a simple walkway into a concrete catwalk, all for the low cost of $200,000. These initiatives unfold ironically in “fiscally conservative” Councilman Jason Gibbs’ District 3, where extravagance seems to outweigh support for the needy, particularly as he campaigns for re-election.

As the Bidenomics storm rages, throwing shadows over our community where quiet suffering and elderly hunger are the unspoken norm, it’s reassuring to know that our leaders are emphasizing the basics, and their priorities are well placed. Because, in the end, nothing says “we care” like a spectacular light show and a statue that could become the talk of the town — at least until the lights go out.

Glenda Yakel 

Canyon Country

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