Saugus softball coach let go after summer camp 

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Just a day after the team’s summer camp and months after another successful season, Saugus softball head coach Amanda Clark was let go by the administration. 

Clark, a math teacher, will remain in the classroom but was told by the administration that it wanted to take the softball program in another direction. 

Although Clark said the dismissal was a surprise to her, the coach remains in good spirits following the experience of summer camp with the girls. 

“When I first got the news, I was like, ‘Wow, did you just use me for summer camp?’” Clark said in a phone interview. “Then I was actually grateful for it. We had a rough season, and summer camp brought my joy back for Saugus softball. I feel like I got to end on a great note. A great new group of kids came in, there’s some great things that have been happening. Obviously, whoever comes in and takes over, they’re going to make their own changes and stuff. I just think they’re set up for success at this point.” 
According to Clark, players were upset by the decision but the coach reassured her program they’d be in good hands and she’d never to be too far away. 

“I just explained that I’m still going to be their No. 1 fan,” Clark said. “They can’t keep me from the games. I just can’t be on the other side of the fence with them. I’m going to cheer for them. They’re the legacy, they’ll continue the legacy that they know Saugus softball has. They know what is important and what the history is.” 

In her three-year tenure, the coach had led Saugus to one Foothill League title, the program’s first playoff win in 11 years, an overall record of 57-29 and a league record of 30-6. 

Saugus Principal Genvieve Peterson-Henry deferred comments to William S. Hart Union High School District Communications Coordinator Debbie Dunn. 

“Saugus High School would like to thank coach Amanda Clark for her dedication to the athletes in the softball program,” Dunn wrote in an email. “The school has started the hiring process to find new coaching staff.” 

Clark’s staff included assistant coaches Jerome Castaneda, Miranda Ponce and Anthony Ramirez, who were also relieved of duties, but are all eligible to apply for the head coaching position. 

“I did have to let my entire staff know but anybody and everybody is welcome to apply,” Clark said. “They know that. I had a phenomenal team of coaches, and I think even my competitors would say Saugus had great coaching. I don’t think anybody can deny that fact.” 

Clark was the third local coach to be let go by administration this summer as West Ranch, Golden Valley and Saugus all have openings for head coaches. 

The former Saugus coach and player is excited for the future of the program, knowing the pieces may be in place for another Foothill League contending season. Clark has plenty of coaching left in her, but will likely return to travel ball or a new high school softball league.  

“I just hang on to those memories, and I feel like everything happens for a reason,” Clark said. “There’s something better for me, and I just don’t know where it is yet. I’m already getting phone calls, so doors are going to be opening for me.” 

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