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Photo courtesy of Aprill Benthamian.

The Number one Summer Diet

Cinch your waistline with this eating plan that incorporates all of your favorite healthy eats—plus wine!  By Aprill Benthamian  Contributing Writer, Not This, But That 

HCBB to host blood drive this Saturday

News Release  The Houchin Community Blood Bank is hosting its second annual blood drive this Saturday, April 23, at the Real Life Church parking lot

The struggle to focus during a pandemic

By Karen Marroquin Signal Staff Writer   Amy Daniels wakes up, exercises, swiftly gets ready for the day and heads to her office in Santa Clarita.   She

Nola Aronson’s Advanced Audiology

We’ve been providing the highest-quality hearing healthcare for more than 40 years. As Santa Clarita’s largest hearing diagnostics center we know how important your hearing

Age-Based Health Screening Guidelines

Early detection is crucial to overcoming serious illnesses. Preventive care is something parents prioritize when raising children, but it’s a crucial component of healthy living

Is Your Exercise Working?

Obstacles are bound to appear as individuals embark on the road to getting healthier. Such obstacles come in many different forms, but one hurdle many

Simple ways to be kind to yourself

Practicing self-care is good for the mind, body, and spirit. There are several things you can do to put the mind-body connection to work for

What causes headaches?

The exact causes of many headaches continues to confound medical researchers. Though the Cleveland Clinic notes that certain environmental factors, such as exposure to allergens

Fighting an uphill battle

“When will you be done with treatment?” It’s the most common question metastatic breast cancer patients receive, but also one of the hardest to answer.

Five simple, Natural ways to boost immunity

Your body’s immune system protects against illness and infection, fighting off threats before you even know there’s a problem. Even though your immune system usually