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Strategies to protect mental health

Improving one’s overall health and maintaining that health over the long haul can have a profound impact on quality of life. For example, the Harvard

Ways to reach a healthy blood pressure

To take care of your heart, it’s important to know and track your blood pressure. Millions of Americans have high blood pressure, also called hypertension,

The importance of rest

Regular exercise has been linked to a host of health benefits. People who exercise regularly can lower their risk for chronic diseases such as heart

The health benefits of yoga

Health-conscious individuals can do many things to improve their overall health. As medical researchers continue to uncover new things about how to achieve optimal health,

Rapid heartbeat appears normal on EKG

By Keith Roach, M.D. Signal Contributing Writer Dear Dr. Roach  had symptoms of lightheadedness, so my doctor ordered an EKG and sent me to a

SCV teen keeping an eye on the goal

From the time Santa Clarita native Marcus Ferkranus was 5 years old, he’s been working to accomplish his dream of becoming a professional soccer player.