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Vacationing locally in the SCV

While many of us have spent the past year-and-a-half at home in the Santa Clarita Valley, many are opting to stay local for their long-awaited

Creating your own summer moments

Warm, sunny days are the perfect setting for making family memories, but they’re also ideal opportunities to encourage kids to get creative and let their

When it’s just too hot to go outside

By Raychel Stewart Signal Staff Writer With hot nights and even hotter days, summer can be a struggle between staying cool and maintaining an affordable

Creating community with car clubs

By Kev Kurdoghlian  Signal Staff Writer  The Santa Clarita Valley loves its cars. Car clubs, car shows, drives and more are regular outings for many

California’s Beautiful Beaches

By Michele E. Buttelman  Signal Staff Writer Some beaches are for lying on the sand, some beaches are for walking barefoot as the waves softly

Rafting on California’s Rivers

Some of my favorite summer memories involve water. Floating on an inner tube in a lake, or a shallow river, is among life’s most blissful