Cassie Navarro: Knight stands up for seniors and veterans

Steve Knight

The dial of political heat in our district was raised even higher as congressional debates took place in our community. I was hoping for fewer cheap shots from Bryan Caforio, but I have only been disappointed.

I have heard extensive rhetoric over the past few days regarding Social Security, Medicare and the support and care available for our retirees and seniors. My mailbox has been filled with pamphlets from the Caforio camp exaggerating childish falsities about our congressman.

With all of this low-blow propaganda, I am even more convinced to vote for Steve Knight. Not only for the integrity of his campaign, but for the efforts he has taken and the passion he holds for our retirees, seniors, veterans and service members.

Congressman Knight has proven his integrity by taking the high road in this campaign while weathering the endless attacks from his opponent.

The exceptional nature of Knight’s record speaks for itself. As a veteran, former police officer and supporter of our law enforcement, Steve stands as a beacon of service and leadership in our neighborhoods.

Congressman Knight is taking action to make sure those who are paying into Social Security will actually be able to receive it when the time comes.

Congressman Knight has not only passed legislation to aid our veterans, but continually affirms his commitment to them and his passion for the matters crucial to their well-being.

My vote is with Congressman Knight.

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