John Kiernan: A nation turned upside down


Now that the election is over, it seems as if supporters of Hillary are engaging in activities formerly reserved for the extreme side of the Trump campaign.

If we truly are the democracy we think we are, we must observe the rule of law. No, you might not be happy with the result, but did you vote? Did you get your friends or family to vote? Watch the debates?

Anyone who did not vote has absolutely no reason to gripe about anything.

I chose not to vote for either candidate for president because neither, I felt, deserved my vote. So I have nothing to complain about due to my actions.

I did vote for every other race, both candidates and propositions. However, what do we do now with the country almost exactly split in half?

How about responding to those we disagree with, rather than retaliating? How about listening rather than shouting?

It seems that everything is upside down. Remember when Trump said he would not accept the results of the election and it was rigged? Well, he won the “rigged” election!

Bottom line: we must observe the rule of law. We should not be in the streets protesting – although we have that right. We voted, and the numbers say Trump.

We must not turn into those who said they will not honor the election process and that it is rigged. Our system is our system; if your candidate lost, you have to look at your own party.

If you are a Democrat you need to exam why Hillary did not visit the rust belt, Michigan, and more importantly why so many people literally hated her.

If you are a Republican, you need to examine your morals. I think many Republicans flip-flopped on Trump. I think the promise you had your candidates sign was just plain silly.

Clearly both parties have alienated almost 50,000,000 people each. Both parties have a lot of work to do – or even better, perhaps a third party could address the real issues this country has to deal with.

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