Ted Aquaro: A surprise call from City Hall

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The other day my wife called me to the telephone, and to my pleasant surprise it was our Mayor Bob Kellar in answer to a letter I wrote him about a frustrating trip I had to City Hall.

I tried to go to the third floor to complain about a letter I received regarding an alarm response and found that the elevator required a key card to go to the third floor. 

Not to be denied my “day in court,” I went to the information desk – and the whole trip spiraled down the drain from there.

It was a little funny to me by the time I got home, so I decided to use a little humor when I wrote to the mayor about my field trip to City Hall. I accused the city of having a sniffer in the elevator that kept the “unwashed” from accessing the third floor.

Mayor Kellar and I discussed my frustration and the problem I had in talking to a live person regarding my complaint. I could have called, but it is not the same as doing a one-on-one.

I have some experience in this area as I have worked service counters in L.A. city facilities in my previous life, so it was not my first rodeo.

The “surprise” with the phone call was that I received it after writing my letter to the mayor of Santa Clarita. In 2011 I wrote a two-pager to the then-mayor, Marsha McLean, regarding the actions of her predecessor, Laurene Weste, and I am still waiting for a reply.

Thanks, Bob, for taking time out of your busy day to listen to my input regarding city services.

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