Analisa Astorga: More noble setting is deserved


Editor’s note: Addressed to the Santa Clarita City Council.

I want to thank the Santa Clarita City Council first for approving the Fallen Warriors Monument. To know that not only our community, but also city officials, stand behind the veterans in this town is so encouraging that words cannot describe it.

Veterans have risked their lives for our freedom and our country and they deserve a special thank you. While we have a great number of veterans who served our country and are no longer with us, we have more currently serving our country or have served.

I am so grateful for those people. This year I met a veteran who joined my club at College of the Canyons. He wanted to make a difference when it came to the aftermath of serving our country, and his story and movement were incredibly inspiring.

His story and all other veterans who share their personal stories enlighten me on how important it is to have this monument. Their struggle does not go unnoticed.

The meaning of this monument is much more than a granite stone with names written on it. It’s a glorious stone that speaks a thousand words.

These are no ordinary people; these are warriors and this monument says you will not go unrecognized in our community.

I speak for many others when I say we would like to add the new pergola with overhead lighting to the existing one. It would protect the monument more from the sweet creatures that surround it and hopefully weather conditions.

It would also provide a more noble setting, in my personal opinion. This is our special thanks to the fallen soldiers of our beautiful town, Santa Clarita.

Seeing the number of soldiers we have lost over the last century and just recently with the Afghanistan and Iraq wars pains me. Life is extraordinary and we have our freedom thanks to our veterans, who chose to use their free will for the greater good for not only our country but our town.

Their life is their story, and they deserve the greatest recognition that we can offer. Please consider what I have said; anything and everything done is greatly appreciated no matter what.

Thank you again for approving our monument and thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to read this letter.


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