Gene Uzawa Dorio: Reindeer games on the dais


All of the other reindeer
Used to laugh and call him names
They never let poor Rudolph
Join in any reindeer games.
– Johnny Marks

Woe is me! For the second time in 10 years, the Santa Clarita City Council is faced with the task of finding a replacement member for assuring quorum.

The last time, in 2006, the council’s process brought onboard TimBen Boydston to finish out Cameron Smyth’s term. On Dec. 13, with seemingly the same council members in place, Santa Clarita residents must listen to them justify their selection process.

Ten years ago, a committee was established and 15 eligible applicants went through an arduous interview process. They were ranked and then brought before the dais and openly interviewed by the City Council.

Hundreds of hours were spent by many within our city during this process.

This time, there might be recommended a costly special election with potentially 20 candidates on the ballot. We might be forced to live through another few months of election-mediated nightmares: mailbox filled with fliers, campaign signs on street corners and lawns, and worse, incessant robocalls.

Other plausible possibilities might be: Have a mass “rock, paper, scissors” elimination match; let the mayor toss at a dartboard with The Signal’s Top 51 winners; change the laws so Dante Acosta can simultaneously serve the state and the city; have a musical chairs competition at City Hall; or leave the council at four members and allow only three to vote at a time.

Hands down the simplest, cheapest and most transparent process would be to select the third-place finisher in this past election: TimBen Boydston.

It’s time to let “Rudolph” join in the reindeer games.

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