Laura Faraci: Most democratic method for council choice is best


I applaud The Signal for taking a stand against the actions of our City Council (City Council actions negligent,” Dec. 17).

Perhaps if enough of us remind the council members that they hold positions that were elected by their constituents they will realize that a four-person council should not have the right to appoint a fifth member.

If they insist on an appointment, the logical move would be to fill the seat with the citizens’ third choice in our very recent election, but since that person continually refused to bend to the council’s agenda, that will never happen.

At the very least, a broad, diverse committee should be involved in choosing our next council member.

Although it may be expensive, the choice that is most fair and democratic is to hold a special election and have the citizens of Santa Clarita choose their next council member.

And while we’re voting, perhaps citizens should also choose our mayor, rather than allowing back-room decisions to determine our representatives.

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