Michele Buttelman: Signal misses call on council actions

Cameron Smyth accepts the gavel from city clerk Mary Cusickon Dec. 13 after being voted 2-1 as the city's new mayor. Katharine Lotze/Signal

I disagree strongly with The Signal’s Editorial Board about the recent conduct of the Santa Clarita City Council (“City Council actions negligent,” Dec. 17 in The Signal).

Santa Clarita is among the best-run cities in the United States, mostly because of the prudent actions of the City Council.

Is the City Council supposed to run and cower in fear because of some nonexisitent lawsuit? Are members supposed to squander the taxpayers’ money on an unnecessary election?

I see these comments as divisive and an attempt to create a racial divide in the city. Shame on you!

As far as the mayoral vote, the mayor of Santa Clarita is mostly a ceremonial role. The mayor is basically someone expected to attend Eagle Scout Courts of Honor and so on – hardly a matter to warrant such an outcry.

As far as what Al Ferdman “thinks” the City Council will do about the appointment to fill the empty City Council seat, I could care less.

As a failed City Council candidate (in multiple elections), Ferdman has his own ax to grind, and the Editorial Board should be smart enough to know that. Ferdman is hardly an impartial observer.

I personally know every member of the City Council, and you will not find a more ethical and dedicated group of public servants.

That The Signal would publish the noxious nonsense contained in this editorial is repugnant.

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