Kevin Eliason: Remember the absent ones


Regarding the upcoming inauguration, I just wonder if any of those self-prissy politicians who will boycott the event ever bothered to talk to their constituents about our views.

It’s not just about them; they represent us and we are being shut out. I would love to be there once in my lifetime but will settle for watching it on TV.

I’d like to see large cardboard cards with pictures of them placed in their vacant seats, like they do on TV awards show rehearsals, and then show the empty chairs on the live coverage.

Remember them at the upcoming elections – especially those who have been entrenched since Lincoln was president sic – and pull the plug on them.

May God Bless this USA and give our new administration guidance and fortitude to keep our country safe and strong. Politics aside, we are one nation, under God, with liberty and justice for all.

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